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My focus since 2017 has been the completion of my doctoral thesis: “Willful Subjects: The Splendid Camera Obscuras and Popular Observatories of Miss Maria Short,” under the supervision of Dr. Kim Sawchuk (completion Spring 2018).

Also I have been very busy organizing the 30th Annual Society of Animation Studies Conference: Then | Now | Next, at Concordia University 18-22 June 2018, with my co-chair associate professor Dr. Marc Steinberg.


(See the first five featured posts for an overview of artistic works, for recent academic activity (besides teaching) see below…)

Classes taught since 2015

  • Winter 2018: CART212 (Digital Media I, Concordia); 3rd yr Production (Dawson)
  • Fall 2017: DART 620 (Graduate Colloquium, Concordia); Production Pipeline (Dawson)
  • Winter 2017: CART212; CART444 (Portfolio, Concordia); DART 392 (Environmental Design Research & Practice); 3rd yr Production (Dawson)
  • Fall 2016: DART391 (Socio-Cultural Design Research & Practice); Production Pipeline (Dawson)
  • Winter 2016: CART212; 3rd yr Production (Dawson)
  • Fall 2015: CART214 (Visual Form & Communication); DART391; DART502 (Language, Politics, Manifestos)


Paper Presentations since 2015


Recent Publications

  • “A rational and entertaining species of amusement to bipeds of all ages: The Splendid Camera Obscura” Fourteenth International Domitor Conference Proceedings (forthcoming)
  • We’re Asian, more expected of us!” Animation Studies Online Journal, 5. to be reprinted as book chapters in The Animation Studies Reader, eds. N. Dobson and A. Ratelle, Bloomsbury (forthcoming) and Animation: Critical and Primary Sources, ed. C. Pallant, Bloomsbury (forthcoming). Also reprinted in The Model Minority Stereotype Reader, ed. Nicholas Hartlep, Cognella, 2014.
  • “3-D Convergence and Collaboration in the Cold: Norman McLaren and 1950s Stereoscopic Animation at the National Film Board of Canada,” Animation Journal, 22 (Special issue on Norman McLaren), 2014.
  • “From Near to Far: Maria Short’s Popular Observatory and The Spaces of Science in Edinburgh from 1736 to 1850.” Theory of Science: journal for interdisciplinary studies of science, 36(1), 2014.
  • “Of Motors, Martians and Jazz Age Cuties: The Stereoscopic Inventions of Laurens Hammond.” (co-author Owen Chapman), originally in Public, 47, Spring 2014, reprinted as a book chapter in 3D Cinema and Beyond, eds. Dan Adler, Janine Marchessault and Sanja Obradovic. Toronto: Intellect, 2014.
  • “Re: Animating Moths.” Animation Studies Online Journal, 9, Dec 2014.


Recent Exhibitions


Reviews (selected)

At CAA, demonstrating how Chris Plenzich and I as making projection screens from uncombed silk for the En Masse exhibit.

At the CAA conference (13 Feb 2015, NYC), demonstrating how Chris Plenzich and I made projection screens from uncombed silk for the En Masse exhibition. (I’m in my bright red Canadian plaid blazer.) Photo by Craig Saper.