updated January 2019

My focus of the 2017-2018 academic year was the completion of my doctoral thesis: “Willful Subjects: The Splendid Camera Obscuras and Popular Observatories of Miss Maria Short,” under the supervision of Dr. Kim Sawchuk (defended Spring 2018), and the organization of the 30th Annual Society of Animation Studies Conference: Then | Now | Next with my co-chair associate professor Dr. Marc Steinberg and our amazing team.

Presently, I am shopping around my recently completed monograph Eyes Aloft, as well as abstracts for current research in the Concordia Visual Collections Repository (VCR) concerning experimental pedagogy and animation during the 1990s. I recently completed teaching DART441: The Culture of Images, a course that I redesigned as a research-creation class on critical visuality studies for advanced Design students. I also re-wrote FMST218: The History of Animated Film, which I begin teaching in Winter 2019, alongside CART212: Digital Media I and the capstone Production Project class for the Dawson 3D Animation and CGI program.

For an overview of my artistic work, please see the first five posts on this website and the About page for more about me. Some of my recent activity is listed below.

Other classes taught since 2015

  • DART 620: Graduate Colloquium (Fall 2017)
  • CART 444: Portfolio (Winter 2016)
  • DART 392: Environmental Design Research & Practice (Winter 2016)
  • DART 391: Socio-Cultural Design Research & Practice (Fall 2016, 2015)
  • CART 214: Visual Form & Communication (Fall 2015)
  • DART 502: Language, Politics, Manifestos (Fall 2015)

Selected Conferences Papers since 2015

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Recent Exhibitions

Reviews (selected)

At CAA, demonstrating how Chris Plenzich and I as making projection screens from uncombed silk for the En Masse exhibit.

At the CAA conference (13 Feb 2015, NYC), demonstrating how Chris Plenzich and I made projection screens from uncombed silk for the En Masse exhibition. (I’m in my bright red Canadian plaid blazer.) Photo by Craig Saper.