Possible Movements

FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, September 7 to October 1, 2010

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Possible Movements exhibited a series of seven looping stereoscopic animations that explored the layering of memory and site through visualizations of the Grey Nuns Chapel in Montreal. Under the direction of primary researcher and filmmaker, Professor Marielle Nitoslawska (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema), I supervised and worked on 3d modelling, rendering, digital compositing, conversion to stereoscopy and installation design. Archival and recent footage, site plans, photography and a 3d model of the chapel rendered using multiple techniques (including particle and wireframe displays) combined into abstracted visualizations that were projected onto the back walls of the FOFA Gallery hallway vitrines. Coloured transparencies mounted directly onto display window glass acted as anaglyph viewers that passersby could look through to see the chapel animations appear in three dimensions.

Marielle Nitoslawska:  Conception and supervising
Alison Reiko Loader:  Digital animation and stereoscopic imaging
Suzie Synnott:  Compositing
Jane Tingley:  Management and curating

Grey Nuns project team: Nancy Townsend (3D modeling), Jonathan Ng (3D camera animation); Glauco Bermudez, Alanna Cleve, Zoe Constantinides, Marie-Eve Fortin, Katie Jung, Colin Kent, Myriam Magassouba, Klara Polom, Diego Rivera Kohn, Van Royko, Ryan Spence, Zoe Mapp, Catherine Van Der Donckt.

Funding by: FQRSC, Hexagram, Concordia University.

Conference Presentation and Proceedings:
M. Nitoslawska and A.R. Loader, “Possible Movements: On Site–Memory, Temporality, and the Spirit of Place.”  Digital Media and its Applications in Cultural Heritage, Petra University, Jordan. 3-6 November 2008.