Kinder/Garden comprised the greenhouse cultivation of fetal-shaped zucchini. Using 3d printing and vacuum-forming to create moulds that the vegetables could grow into, the project shaped living forms using virtual data. Despite, and through, its absurd nature, Kinder/Garden investigated the effects of biopower associated with genetic manipulation, surveillance and reproductive technologies.  A detailed blog of the project is here.

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See Squash & Stretch: The Secret Life of Zucchinis (5min2, 2010), the documentation video and experimental short film that emerged from the Kinder/Garden project.

Exhibition: Culinary Cultures of the Kinder/Garden with Kelly Andres, at the Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art presented by Latitude 53 (Edmonton, Canada).

Articles: Cindy Baker, Everything I Need to Grow I Learned in Kinder/Garden, 1 Oct 2010.

Kelly Andres’s Visualeyez Slideshow.