Rouge ta rue

Rouge ta rue, 59s, 2012

Watch Rouge ta rue

Watch Rouge ta rue

In Spring 2012, I co-edited two special non-review issues of wi Journal of Mobile Media, along with Owen Chapman, Magda Olszanowski, Kim Sawchuk and Ben Spencer. Open-wi sent out an open call for photographs and animation of the Quebec student protests and manifestations casseroles. Within one week we received the over 500 photographs, videos and animated images that form the Rouge ta rue video. The project was assembled and edited in less than twenty-four hours (which may sound like a lot of labour for just over fifty-nine seconds of video) but regular feedback from the contributors facilitated what most animators would consider a lightning-fast production.

Rouge ta rue celebrates the collective, inclusive and street-level activism that have marked the Quebec student strike against tuition hikes and protests against loi 78. Download this video, loop it, pause and scroll through the gorgeous images made by its contributors. You just might see yourself or someone you know…

animation: Malcolm Sutherland
assembly/montage: Alison Reiko Loader
photography/ photographie: Nancy Bouchard, Alison Reiko Loader, Magda Olszanowski, Kim Sawchuk, Scottmontreal
rotoscopy/rotoscopie: Matt Soar
sound/son: Owen Chapman
translation/traduction: Nancy Bouchard
videography/vidéographie: Kim Sawchuk